Urban Parks

Frederikspark, Haarlem, the Netherlands

Urban landscapes

Miroir d'eau Bordeaux

Roof gardens

Jardin Atlantique on the roof of gare Montparnasse (Paris)

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Rural landscapes

Landscape Forum Rome

Infrastructure landscapes

Jardin de Wilson on top of motorway Paris

Natural Landscapes

Isar river north of Munich


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This dialogue is supported by the communications of:
– the LE:NOTRE Institute
– the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS) 
Our contribution includes online lectures and the local dialogue on landscape is enhance by the yearly LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum, where local stakeholders, professionals, local authorities, academics and students of various disciplines join forces to addres a local landscape challenge.
We fully embrace the vision or the European Landscape Convention and  sustainable development according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This involves Landscape Democracy, where landscapes are improved in an inclusive way, in collaboration and with co-creation of all.  We aim to bring a new way of thinking and acting into relevant university curricula in order to prepare the future generation of landscape architects, planners, architects and designers for their role as democratic leaders for sustainability. There is an urgent need for transformative competence at all levels of society since the challenges for our communities are growing across Europe.
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